Did you know that 85% of companies do not know how to price their products correctly?

Source: Harvard Business Review


A powerful PRICING solution based on artificial intelligence to monitor market prices within ONLINE CHANNELS.

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With the impact of increased sales channels and the acceleration of e-commerce, the importance of staying actively involved and investing in technology is clearly evident as pricing has been a challenge for the market due to:

>> Cost and demand variations.

>> Thousands of SKUS per store.

>> Inflation.

>> Countless variables that can affect the final price.

PREDIMONITOR conducts competitive pricing analysis and generates comparisons while analyzing trends and price fluctuations intelligently. 

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze internal company data and varied data in the market to deliver an efficient and intelligent pricing platform.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence shows what the impact of each variable is and why the algorithm made that decision. 


40% of items can generate more profit.

>> Average 5% increase in gross margin

>> Up to 2% increase in profitability 

>> Average reduction of up to 95% of lifecycle pricing



Comparing of the prices of your products with competitors in retail chains.


Prediction of price behavior trends based on historical data.


Price behavior in stores in any given region.

PREDIMONITOR increases the performance of your pricing team.

Together, we can transform your business through price intelligence!

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