ESG in the supply chain: examples of what you can do to be more sustainable

Making the supply chain more sustainable and socially responsible is already part of the corporate reality. Access our e-book and learn how to take the first steps.

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ESG in the supply chain: examples of what you can do to be more sustainable

Key insights from the e-book:

Key insights from the e-book:
  • Understand the meaning of each letter of the acronym ESG;

  • Importance of this practice for the market;

  • ESG applied to the supply chain;

  • How sustainability is related to organizing processes and quality management.

Companies expect their brand to be more sustainable. And what are you doing to meet this expectation?

Environmental. Social. Governance. The acronym ESG gathers these words that have become the foundation of many companies across the planet.

After all, today more than ever, having social responsibility, environment conservation, and following ethical governance are consumer demands. But, in addition to the visibility and trust of citizens,

ESG has a direct impact on business, especially in the supply chain. More sustainable and better managed methods allow for cost reduction, increased productivity, and a greater sense of belonging among employees.

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